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"Break the Chains of Mental Bondage, Before It's Too Late. Wake Up!"

Chains of Bondage Cartoon-page1.jpg
This editorial cartoon appeared in the September 14, 1993 issue of The Nubian Message. The cartoon depicts a person's arms shackled in chains. The left arm appears normal, while the right arm has been reduced to bone. The caption underneath the…

"States Mates Celebrate 10th Birthday," April 12, 1958

This article from The Raleigh Times discusses the variety show State's Mates put on in celebration of the organization's tenth birthday.

College Wives Entertain, December 22, 1954

This newspaper clipping shows the women of State's Mates preparing for an upcoming Christmas event.

'I Can't Say No'- Womanless Wedding, February 10, 1960

This newspaper clipping shows the husbands of several State's Mates members dressed as women for a "womanless wedding" event.

With this Ring? February 10, 1960

This newspaper photograph shows two husbands of State's Mates members "getting married."

Womanless Wedding, February 10, 1960

This newspaper photograph shows two of the "womanless wedding" participants walking down the aisle.

Mrs. John Marcum, January 13, 1965

This photograph of Betty Marcum, Mrs. NC State for 1965, was originally printed in The Raleigh Times.

"What if," November 12, 1973


To the Editor: “Open up in there, we demand to see the Chancellor! As members of a minority group we demand an equal voice in Student Affairs.” This is the vocal assertion for equality of a fictional group demonstrating in front of the…

"The Foundations of the Black Student Movement"

This black-and-white photograph show an African-American student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill whose shirt reads "THINK BLACK INK." Black Ink was an African-American student newspaper founded in 1969 at UNC. It served as a…

A.F. Greaves-Walker to Frank P. Graham, December 7, 1936

A.F. Greaves-Walker, a professor of Ceramic Engineering at NC State, expressed his opinions about a college football coach's duties. Graves-Walker felt that it was important for the coach to promote good morals among football players. He also felt…