"What if," November 12, 1973


"What if," November 12, 1973


This anonymous letter to the editor of the Technician dated November 12, 1973 compared African Americans' calls for a cultural center to the imagined plight of the "longhairs," students with long hair who listened to rock music. The letter included a fake list of "longhairs'"demands.




Anonymous, "What if..." Technician, November 12, 1973.








To the Editor:

“Open up in there, we demand to see the Chancellor! As members of a minority group we demand an equal voice in Student Affairs.” This is the vocal assertion for equality of a fictional group demonstrating in front of the Chancellor’s office on Hillsborough St. This fictional demonstration by a minority group here at State is known to many as “longhairs” is being staged because of feelings of “loneliness, alienation, and general depression, you know, a sort of down feeling.” They feel that since the number of “longhairs” on campus is only a little over 250 students that they should be given the same privileges as any other minority group. Here is a list of the demands they left with the Chancellor with the stipulation that the demands be considered and acted upon immediately.

1. We demand that 10,000 dollars be allocated by the Student Center Board of Directors for a “Super-Rock Festival” to be held during nice weather in April or May, depending on the weather.

2. We demand by right of petition that more “longhair” oriented musicians be attracted for the New Arts here at State. We suggest the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, or maybe Pink Floyd.

3. We demand that the university acquire more movies of the type “longhairs” enjoy such as “Go Ask Alice,” “Yellow Submarine,” or “Concert for Bangladesh.”

4. We demand more lectures on ways of “Beating the Law when Busted,” avoiding bad grades by use of another lecture called “Six ways to Avoid Bad Grades by Screaming Discrimination.” A few more books in the library on such topics as revolution, plain anarchy, and homemade bombs will be appreciated. Furthermore, we the “longhairs” wish to encourage everyone on campus to participate in upcoming activities to be established just for us. I didn’t mean everyone wouldn’t be welcome when I said “just for us,” because we want everyone to live together, regardless if we have separate social functions.

P.S. We want some really longhaired male instructors also.

The average student will have no problem in drawing parallel between the supposed plight of the blacks here at State and the contrived problems of the “longhairs.” This letter is written as an example of what would happen if every minority on campus acted as selfishly as the blacks have. Is it really right that 2% of the student body should receive 10% of the student funds for entertainment?

     Name withheld by request

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