"Harrison SAACed," November 9, 1973


"Harrison SAACed," November 9, 1973


In his November 9, 1973 letter to the editor, Calvin McNeil responded to a November 2 Technician article entitled "Harrison criticizes black leadership." Identified as a member of the African American fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, McNeil criticized Brenda Harrison's remarks towards African American students.


Calvin McNeil


Calvin McNeil, "Harrison SAACed,"Technician, November 9, 1973.








To the Editor:

According to Brenda Harrison, I am what you might classify as one of the “less vocal black students on campus.” (Technician, Monday, Nov. 5). I feel that it is really pitiful that the black leaders and black students in general have disappointed Brenda Harrison so greatly. It is shameful that we no longer have the support of one of our most diligent, nonbiased and openminded persons helping us in our endeavors to really become a part of this great university.

Please do not take the aforesaid seriously. This is my second year here at State, and I have yet to see one white person take an interest in the activities sponsored and managed by the blacks on campus. There is not anything that happens in which the entire student body is not welcome to participate and enjoy. SAAC’s activities are publicized in the green sheet just like the other organizations on campus, but who ever comes to them? How many have you made, Ms. Harrison, or any of your white friends?

It appears that Brenda Harrison overlooked an important FACT about this university, and this is that State is a southern highly conservative institution, and that until the vast majority of the white students have a change in attitude and become more openminded, they should not mention trust, honesty, or blacks being prejudiced.

How could Brenda but irrationally say that she feels the whites understand the blacks at State? I wonder how many of these whites have ever had the odds of 60-1 against them. All they can do is to sincerely want to understand.

In response to the article about blacks in Friday’s (Nov. 2) and Monday’s (Nov. 5) Technicians, I noticed the word “forceful” and the phrase “barge in,” respectively, were used to describe the meeting of SAAC with Chancellor Caldwell. Both descriptions are lies. Someone needs to get thyself and thy words together. The only way that SAAC would have entered more peacefully would have been on our knees, and we are not sorry we disappointed you.

The student body must know that segregation is not what SAAC is about. If the “other student leaders” want to know what SAAC is about, why don’t they attend some of the SAAC meetings. I interpret their refusal to become interested in SAAC examples of segregation; our doors stay open, NCSU, which appears not to incorporate SAAC, has tactics not promoting racial unity.

     Calvin McNeil
     Alpha Phi Alpha

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