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Minstrel Show in Newspaper, April 11, 1960

This newspaper photograph shows members of State's Mates rehearsing for their upcoming minstrel show.

Student Wives, October 15, 1955

This newspaper photograph shows the officers of State's Mates gearing up for a meeting.

College Wives Entertain, December 22, 1954

This newspaper clipping shows the women of State's Mates preparing for an upcoming Christmas event.

History of State's Mates, ca. 1956-1957

This history, drafted during the 1956-1957 academic year, was written to promote membership in State's Mates and discussed the reorganization of State's Mates in the 1950's to encourage further socializing.

"States Mates," September 28, 1955

This blurb in the September 28, 1955 Vetville Bulletin invited student wives to the first meeting of State's Mates.