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"Mrs. North Carolina State Contest for 1968-1969" Contestant Form

This document is the 1968-1969 Mrs. NCSU Pageant contestant form.

Donna Logan to Catherine Reynolds, March 31, 1969

In this letter, Donna Logan, president of State's Mates, explains to Catherine Reynolds that the Mrs. NC State pageant had replaced the talent shows.

Catherine Reynolds to State's Mates president, December 2, 1968

In this postcard, Catherine Reynolds writes to the State's Mates president asking if student wives still put on a yearly talent show because she wanted to attend again.

"'Mrs. NCSU' Winner Crowned," November 1968

This article is about the winner of the 1968 Mrs. NCSU pageant, Shirley Trottier; includes information about her participation in the pageant, her husband, and her secretary job at a local hotel.

"Mrs. NC State To Be Chosen Monday Night," ca. 1964

This newspaper article announced the date and time for the Mrs. NC State contest.

"Report on Mrs. North Carolina State Contest," January 1964

This report outlined the 1964 Mrs. NC State contest and included the application to enter, a list of sponsors and donors, information about the contestants, the judges, and the attendance numbers for each night.

The six finalists in the Mrs. NC State pageant, January 11, 1965

This photograph is of the 6 finalists from the 1965 Mrs. NC State pageant.

Mrs. Betty Marcum getting crowned, January 11, 1965

This photograph shows the winner of the 1965 Mrs. NC State pageant, Mrs. Betty Marcum, getting crowned by her husband, John Marcum.

Mrs. NC State, 1964

The photograph was taken of four of the finalists in the 1964 Mrs. NC State pageant.

Three State's Mates posing in blackface, April 11, 1960

This photograph, used for a yearbook collage, shows three members of State's Mates in blackface for their minstrel show in 1960.