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Three State's Mates posing in blackface, April 11, 1960

This photograph, used for a yearbook collage, shows three members of State's Mates in blackface for their minstrel show in 1960.

Linda Edwards twirling fire, n. d.

This undated photograph is of Linda Edwards performing a baton routine. It is unclear whether this talent was performed at a talent show or at the Mrs. NC State beauty pageant.

Singer at State's Mates Variety Show, n. d.

This undated photograph is of a member of State's Mates singing for one of the annual talent shows.

Elaine Watkins demonstrating convertible outfit, n. d.

"Mrs. ____ Watkins (Elaine) goes through unique sewing talent of converting basic dress into work ensemble, and cocktail dress." (Description taken from reverse of photo)

Gloria Wallace practicing for bathing suit presentation, n. d.

This undated photograph shows Gloria Wallace practicing modeling a swimsuit. It is unclear whether Wallace was doing this for a fashion show, a talent show, or the Mrs. NC State beauty pageant.

State's Mate posing in blackface, April 11, 1960

This State's Mate posed for the camera in blackface backstage, before the start of the 1960 State's Mates minstrel show.

Moon Beatnicks, ca. 1961-1962

This image shows two State's Mates members dressed as "moon beatnicks."

We're Moonward Bound! ca. 1961-1962

This is the cover of the program for the State's Mates moon themed variety show.

First Woman on the Moon! ca. 1961-1962

This image shows one of the State's Mates members standing with a rocket before the moon themed variety show.

Sing-A-Long, ca. 1962-1963

This image shows many of the State's Mates in costume singing on stage during the annual variety show.