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Kicking a Field Goal, 1938

1938 field goal.jpg
This image shows the North Carolina State football team kicking a field goal during a game.

North Carolina State Football Program, 1935

1935 program.jpg
This image shows a North Carolina State football program from a 1935 game with Wake Forest.

Wolfpack Coming onto Field for Football Game, 1930

wolfpack coming onto the field for a football game.jpg
The North Carolina State football players enter the field by running into a banner with a wolf design.

North Carolina State Football Program, 1935

StatevsDukeprogram.1935 (2).jpg
This image is of a program for the 1935 football game between North Carolina State and Duke.

"Sports Glimpses," October 16, 1936

Clarence Gale's sports column describes a student meeting held to dispel rumors about the football team. Gale encourages the student body to rally as one behind the team.

"Still Not the Time," November 6, 1936

Coach Hunk Anderson’s dismissal of three members of the Wolfpack has brought to the fore again discussion on State’s athletic situation. Rumors once again run rife upon the campus as students and faculty members wonder what is going on…

"Pack Coaches and Captain," October 2, 1936,

Pictured are the NC State football coaches and captain for the 1936 season, with Heartley Anderson on the far left.

Testimony of Ralph Brimmley, December 18, 1936

By Ralph Brimmley:
Would you all like to know or have facts or suggestions on how you could get proof that there has been practically no sense of enforcing the Graham Plan this year? Would you all like the facts that the morals of our present State…

Testimony of Miss Bea Rowe, December 18, 1936

By Dean Cloyd:
Have remarks been made in your hearing as you have passed the Seventh Dormitory by students which caused you embarrassment and made it hard for you to go back and forth to your office?
By Miss Rowe:
Several times when I passed…

"Needed: A Sense of Values," January 8, 1937

The moot question of the State College Athletic Situation, like the much publicized Spanish Civil War, would seem to be entering its final stage. It has passed through the hands of Athletic Council, Faculty Council, Dean Harrelson, Doctor Graham.…