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Testimony of Ralph Brimmley, December 18, 1936

By Ralph Brimmley:
Would you all like to know or have facts or suggestions on how you could get proof that there has been practically no sense of enforcing the Graham Plan this year? Would you all like the facts that the morals of our present State…

Testimony of Miss Bea Rowe, December 18, 1936

By Dean Cloyd:
Have remarks been made in your hearing as you have passed the Seventh Dormitory by students which caused you embarrassment and made it hard for you to go back and forth to your office?
By Miss Rowe:
Several times when I passed…

"Needed: A Sense of Values," January 8, 1937

The moot question of the State College Athletic Situation, like the much publicized Spanish Civil War, would seem to be entering its final stage. It has passed through the hands of Athletic Council, Faculty Council, Dean Harrelson, Doctor Graham.…

Student Petition

A group of students wrote and circulated this petition to get rid of Coach Anderson. They argued that he did not provide the moral leadership the team needed.

C.W. Hodges to Dean Harrelson, November 21, 1936

C.W. Hodges, NC State alumnus, wrote Dean Harrelson to express his opinion on the football situation at NC State. He advocated retaining Coach Anderson.

Leon E. Cook to Dr. Frank Graham, December 11, 1936

Leon Cook, a Professor of Education at NC State College, wrote Dr. Graham to emphasize the importance that should be placed on coaches' moral character

"Morale or Morality," October 16, 1936

A student editorial in response to Dr. Poteat's statement that NC State students' morals are low; the article emphasizes the negative influence of profanity on campus