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"Needed: A Sense of Values," January 8, 1937

The moot question of the State College Athletic Situation, like the much publicized Spanish Civil War, would seem to be entering its final stage. It has passed through the hands of Athletic Council, Faculty Council, Dean Harrelson, Doctor Graham.…

"Alumni Values," January 6, 1937

This Raleigh News and Observer article asserts that alumni need to remember NC State's educational purpose and not focus so heavily on the football team.

"Sweeping Changes Made in University Athletics," January 31, 1937

This article details the changes to NC State's athletic program following the 1936 Anderson-Sermon hearings.

J. Henry Highsmith to Dr. Frank Graham, December 11, 1936

Superintendent of Public Instruction Highsmith wrote Graham expressing his concern about profanity among college sports, the attitude of coaches, and the educational role athletics should play on campus

Leon E. Cook to Dr. Frank Graham, December 11, 1936

Leon Cook, a Professor of Education at NC State College, wrote Dr. Graham to emphasize the importance that should be placed on coaches' moral character

"The Anderson Squabble," December 24, 1936

This newspaper article discusses the Anderson-Sermon controversy, and describes the squabble between those who want to emphasize the athletic and the educational purposes of the school.

"Short Judgement," November 13, 1936

This student editorial in The Technician discusses the Graham Plan and says that it needs more time to succeed.

"Colleges Overlook A Duty," October 9, 1936

A student editorial that argues colleges are responsible for producing good citizens and future leaders, and should thus have citizenship classes