Learning Activity


1. Explain how eliminating program duplication can be used to desegregate historically white and black colleges and universities.

2. Why were some officials at historically black colleges and universities against eliminating program duplication?

3. Whose perspective is missing from these oral interviews? Create a list of the types of people that should be interviewed in order to get a more complete picture of the debate.

4. How would William Friday respond to the following statements?

- “So program duplication not only deterred integration of schools; it also perpetuated the inferior programs that were offered at the historically black colleges because we just didn’t have enough money to duplicate the superior programs we had at Chapel Hill.”

- “There was no assurance that if we integrated the colleges and universities, the historically black colleges would remain.”

- “I thought that the university and Dr. Friday were moving too slowly with the efforts to remove the barriers and to integrate the schools.”

5. Create a chart, what are the advantage and disadvantage to eliminating duplicate programs in order to desegregate colleges and universities?


Advantages   Disadvantages
  More white students on historically black campuses  
  New programs at historically black campuses  
  Loosing identity as historically black campuses  
  More black faculty members on historically white campuses  


6. Write a letter to the editor of the News and Observer in which you take a position for or against eliminating program duplication in the UNC system. Be sure to identify who you are, what your position is, and your reasons for your discussion.

7. Create a dialogue between Julius Chambers and William Friday. Decide whether the exchange would be friendly or hostile.  What would these two men see as the advantages and disadvantage of program duplication?

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Learning Activity