Crossing the Color Line | Exhibits

Crossing the Color Line explores NC State’s transition from a predominantly white institution to a more inclusive university, open to all students regardless of race. This site primarily focuses on the integration of undergraduate students, with particular emphasis on administrative policies and early student groups. These topics are explored through a series of case studies which highlight NC State’s unique experiences while placing them in a larger state and national context.

Some exhibit rely heavily upon campus newspaper articles, including articles from Technician, State Sentinel, and Touché. Transcribed articles include the original typographical and grammatical errors. In preparation for this project, contributors combed the archives for documents relating to their exhibits, often times with minimal results. The creators of this digital history project encourage visitors to share their stories and experiences. Please visit the Contribute link to share your story. Your contributions will provide researchers, students, and alumni an opportunity to hear your story, your perspective, and would be a valuable contribution to the historical record.

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