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Activists and Authorities: the May 1970 Protests at North Carolina State University

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This collection contains a variety of items relating to the events leading up to the Peace Retreat at NC State, including the conversion of the school…

Contributors: Nathan Johnson, Hayley Moll, Samantha Smith, and Lauren Roland

Agricultural Empowerment in Academics, Research, and Extension

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This collection contains photographs and documents, as well as Annual Reports from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Contributors: Rebecca Lowe, Sarah Matter, Steffi King

Crossing the Color Line


This collection focuses on items relating to the desegregation and integration of North Carolina State University from around 1950 to 1981. The…

Contributors: Erin Glant, Kelly Murray, Samantha Rich, Amanda Smith



This collection includes photographs, articles, and other writings that reveal how students, alumni, faculty, and staff commemorated the American…

Contributors: Susanna Lee

Race & Space


This collection focuses on items relating to NC State's integration from 1965 to 1985. There are a number of photographs showing the activities of…

Contributors: Mandy Benter, Howard Davis, Josie Titus, Samantha Vandermeade

Site Creators


This collection contains primary sources gathered by site creators that illuminate their professional biography or inspire their intellectual interest…

Contributors: Annie Abrams, Stephanie Barnwell, Trisha Dudkowski, Katherine Ely, Erin Glant, Molly Hall, Emily Hanna, Brynn Hoffman, Kelly Murray, Samantha Rich, Allyson Smally, Amanda Smith, Rachel Trent, Sarah Matter

The Good Wife Diploma


This collection features documents and images from North Carolina State University's Special Collections Research Center relating to State's Mates, an…

Contributors: Trisha Dudkowski, Molly Hall, Emily Hanna

The Illusion of Inclusion

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This collection contains digitized images of articles from The Nubian Message, North Carolina State University's African American student newspaper.…

Contributors: Rose Buchanan, Madison Cates, and Cheryl Dong

Under Review: The Anderson-Sermon Controversy and Football's Role on the College Campus


This collection documents a 1936-1937 controversy over the football program at NC State College. A losing football season, allegations of financial…

Contributors: Annie Abrams, Katherine Ely, Allyson Smally