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Vetville, August 7, 1947

Many State's Mates lived in Vetville until its demolition in the late 1950s. Vetville housed veterans and their families that came to North Carolina State College as a result of the G.I. Bill.

"Mrs. NCSU Crowned," November 18, 1968

In this article from the Technician, Mary Porterfield covers the Mrs. NCSU pageant but highlights the lack of an audience at the event; she suggests having a Miss NCSU pageant would attract more attendees.

Susan Dyer to Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. Kelly, June 25, 1969

This letter was written by the president of States Mates to Dr. Harry Kelly and his wife thanking them for distributing Good Wife Diplomas at the special ceremony for wives of senior male students.

"Mrs. North Carolina State Contest for 1968-1969" Contestant Form

This document is the 1968-1969 Mrs. NCSU Pageant contestant form.

Donna Logan to Catherine Reynolds, March 31, 1969

In this letter, Donna Logan, president of State's Mates, explains to Catherine Reynolds that the Mrs. NC State pageant had replaced the talent shows.

Catherine Reynolds to State's Mates president, December 2, 1968

In this postcard, Catherine Reynolds writes to the State's Mates president asking if student wives still put on a yearly talent show because she wanted to attend again.

"'Mrs. NCSU' Winner Crowned," November 1968

This article is about the winner of the 1968 Mrs. NCSU pageant, Shirley Trottier; includes information about her participation in the pageant, her husband, and her secretary job at a local hotel.

"State's Mates Scenery 'Outstanding'," ca. 1968

This was a letter to the editor submitted by the State's Mates board defending their organization and the Mrs. NCSU pageant.

Donna Logan to Susan Dyer, ca. 1969

This letter was written by the outgoing president to the new president offering suggestions to make the year run more smoothly for her.

Projects committee report, 1967-1968

The report outlines the activities done at the Westhaven Rest Home, the civic project the members of States Mates chose for the year.