Race & Space


This collection focuses on items relating to NC State's integration from 1965 to 1985. There are a number of photographs showing the activities of students and the community while the documents range from reports on institutional racism to letters from Chancellor John T. Caldwell to newsletters created by student organizations. The photographs and a majority of the documents were taken from NC State's Special Collections as well as the State Archive of North Carolina. To see a full list of archival collections and other references, please visit our References page.


  • Mandy Benter, Howard Davis, Josie Titus, Samantha Vandermeade

NC State and the City
This image, taken in 2004, reveals both the proximity of NC State to Downtown Raleigh and the tremendous growth Raleigh has experienced in the past 50 years.

Raleigh YMCA Building, 1960
Raleigh erected its first permanent YMCA building in 1913 on the corner of Wilmington and Edenton Streets. The Y sold its aging facility in 1959 and erected a new modernist structure on 1601 Hillsborough Street---mere blocks from the NCSU campus. The…

McKimmon Village, 1960
NCSU offered a variety of housing options. Pictured is a 1960s unit designed specifically for married students. However, for NC State's many graduate students, these units would fill up flat, causing thousands to look for off-campus housing in one of…