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"Black Cultural Center Should be Built"


After recovering from the initial shock of reading Steve Crisp’s column and Jeff Rom’s letter, which both describe UNC-Chapel Hill’s Black Awareness Council as “racist” and “terrorist,” I feel obliged to…

"Black or African-American"


Technician is deciding on the journalistic use of the term black as opposed to the term African-American. The debate stems from the fact that there seems to be a growing trend toward using African-American. However, this term is not as accurate as…

"Black Panther Convention, Lincoln Memorial"

"Photograph showing a man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial holding a banner for the Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention; statue of Lincoln in the background."

"Black, white leaders set weekend meeting," January 30, 1974


Student leaders and members of the faculty and administration will attend the Student Affairs of Human Relations Conference at Quail Roost this weekend. The goals of the conference are to discuss problem areas between black and white students and to…

"Blacks march to chancellor's house," 1969

\"Blacks March to Chancellor\'s Home,\" 1969.jpg
In April, 1969, the Society of Afro-American Culture, as well as students from Shaw University and St. Augustine's College, marched on Chancellor John T. Caldwell's home in support of Physical Plant workers. This partial Technician article describes…


"Blatant Racism Behind BAC Rally"


Before beginning, I wish to state that this column is written in response to comments made by the groups specifically named in the text and no others. Observations are made which in no way should be attributed to members of African-American…

"Boston College to Furnish Opposition For Tech Eleven," November 6, 1936

This Technician article offered a preview of an upcoming NC State football game against Boston College. The authors hoped that the game would give NC State the opportunity to avenge an earlier loss against Manhattan, another team from the North.

"Break the Chains of Mental Bondage, Before It's Too Late. Wake Up!"

Chains of Bondage Cartoon-page1.jpg
This editorial cartoon appeared in the September 14, 1993 issue of The Nubian Message. The cartoon depicts a person's arms shackled in chains. The left arm appears normal, while the right arm has been reduced to bone. The caption underneath the…

"Caldwell's Address to Thursday's Convocation"

On page 8 of this episode of NC State's Technician is an account of university Chancellor John Caldwell's convocation speech on May 14, 1970. In the speech, Caldwell applauded the civic spirit running rampant across campus, as well as the cooperation…

"Canning girls and corn club boys will make the state our pride"

song booklet 1.jpg
This song booklet created ca. 1918 for club members that demonstrates their commitment to their state.