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"A Message from the Editor: To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters - 'WHAT'S UP?!'"


To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters - "WHAT'S UP?!"

By Tony Williamson

I am proud to present to you the first issue of "The Nubian Message," NCSU's first African-American newspaper. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here and…

"Acquaintance Rape"


Acquaintance Rape

By Tawana Myles

Acquaintance rape accounts for 60 percent of all rape cases reported to law enforcement in North Carolina. Acquaintance rape occurs when a person assaults someone they know well, forcing them to have sex. Most…

"African Americans Choose NCSU at Nation's Seventh Highest Rate"


More African-American high school seniors send their SAT scores to N.C. State than to any other traditionally white college in the nation. NCSU appeared seventh in a list of 15, ranked behind six predominantly black universities, such as Howard…

"AIDS - The Leading Killer Amongst Young Adults"


AIDS - The Leading Killer Amongst Young Adults

By Tawana Myles

Aids [sic] has surpassed accidents as the leading killer of young adults today, experts say. Recent figures show that in 1993, HIV became the leading cause of death for Americans…

"An Apology to our Loyal Readers"


An Apology to our Loyal Readers:

We intended to fill this space with an article that highlighted the accomplishments and career of an Afrikan-American man or woman who is (or was) the Head Coach of an athletic team at N.C. State. Unfortunately,…

"Are You a Member of The Talented Tenth: Faculty, Staff and Students?"


Are You a Member of The Talented Tenth: Faculty, Staff and Students?

By Carolyn Holloway

I have always been a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, because through the power of the ancestors - anything is possible. For the past…

"Base Selections on Quality, Not Race"


Affirmative action programs seek to provide a larger applicant pool for desirable positions through quality training and recruiting. Once the larger pool is in place, previously disadvantaged minorities have an equal chance for selection. For many…

"Black Cultural Center Should be Built"


After recovering from the initial shock of reading Steve Crisp’s column and Jeff Rom’s letter, which both describe UNC-Chapel Hill’s Black Awareness Council as “racist” and “terrorist,” I feel obliged to…

"Black or African-American"


Technician is deciding on the journalistic use of the term black as opposed to the term African-American. The debate stems from the fact that there seems to be a growing trend toward using African-American. However, this term is not as accurate as…

"Blatant Racism Behind BAC Rally"


Before beginning, I wish to state that this column is written in response to comments made by the groups specifically named in the text and no others. Observations are made which in no way should be attributed to members of African-American…