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Script of State's Mates minstrel show, Act 1, April 11, 1960

This item is the script to the theatrical portion of the State's Mates April 1960 variety show, "The Backyard Minstrels." Members of State's Mates portrayed racist caricatures of African Americans in blackface. The use of exaggerated dialect,…

"States Mates Philosophy," May 13, 1955

This poem, containing the "philosophy" of State's Mates, was printed on the interior of each yearbook.

"States Mates Have Fun While Men Study," ca. 1960-1961

This article first appeared in The Raleigh Times during the 1960-1961 school year. It discusses the rationale for State's Mates as an organization and discusses the year's planned activities.

Newspaper article on State's Mates charitable project, September 1, 1961

This brief, unidentified article discusses the State's Mates charitable project for the 1961-1962 year.

"All Girl Show," March 16, 1962

This document is a flyer for the State's Mates variety show in March of 1962.

Wagg'n Tongue logo, 1963

This logo appeared at the top of each issue of the Wagg'n Tongue, the monthly newsletter for State's Mates

"States Mates," December 5, 1955

This brief article appeared in Vetville's newsletter for December of 1955, describing the events of State's Mates' recent Christmas party

"States Mates," September 28, 1955

This blurb in the September 28, 1955 Vetville Bulletin invited student wives to the first meeting of State's Mates.

Willa Rae Bowen to State's Mates, March 22, 1956

Bowen wrote this letter to State's Mates to inquire about the happiness of college marriages and the problems that student wives had to tackle, as research for a panel on college marriages.

Margie Bridger to Willa Rae Bowen, March 27, 1956

Bridger's response to Bowen's letter discussed the opinions of three members of State's Mates concerning Bowen's earlier inquiry on the happiness and problems of student marriage. Enclosed with the letter was an outline of some of the problems that…