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Paula James to the State's Mates in the Wagg'n Tongue

State's Mates member, Paula James, thanked the members and advisors in The Wagg'n Tongue newsletter for all the support she received while in the organization.

Black Voice, November 5, 1973

Black Voice was an African American student led NC State newsletter. Similar to the Society of Afro-American Culture newsletter, Black Voice allowed students to make announcements, discuss current events, and publish poetry. This November 15, 1973…

No Blacks on Campus, ca. 1972

\"No Blacks on Campus,\" ca 1972.jpg
The newsletter of the Society of Afro-American culture allowed students to share essays and poetry specific to African American campus life. This ca. 1972 editorial by member Karaan Rabu appeared in the newsletter, and encouraged black NC State…

Wagg'n Tongue Projects Committee Excerpt, January, 1971

This excerpt shows the two main contenders for the State's Mates annual project in 1971: work at a local orphanage and visiting patients at Dorothea Dix.

Wagg'n Tongue logo, 1963

This logo appeared at the top of each issue of the Wagg'n Tongue, the monthly newsletter for State's Mates