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Agricultural students in class

This photograph, probably from the 1950s, depicts an agricultural class full of white male students. This is evidence of the dominance of white males in the program versus white women or African Americans.

Rural Women's Symposium, 1959

Rural Women's Symposium.jpg
Miss Ruth Current, Assistant Director for the N.C. Agricultural Extension Service, is shown explaining the Rural Women's Symposium theme "The Widening Circle of Enriched Ideas and Experience" to Mrs. Fernie Lauginghouse Pantego and Mrs. J.V.…

"The Double Life of Afrikan-American Women"

This editorial cartoon depicts a woman's face, half of which has short, dark hair, full lips, and thick eyebrows, physical characteristics that are often associated with African American women. The other half of the face features long, light hair,…

Miss Dixon of Alamance

Geo R. Ross, class of 1911, wrote an article in November 1947 about Eula Louisa Dixon. Dixon was the first female student to take a course related to agriculture: dairying or dairy husbandry. Dixon applied the knowledge of her short course at NC…

Report Hits NCSU for Ag Research

This is an article from the June 8, 1972 Technician. It discusses a report that accuses land grand colleges of neglecting small farmers in favor of corporate interests. The issue also contains two articles that refute the claims in this report.

Finger-wheel Rake Development

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This file contains an article about the development and uses of a draft-powered sweet potato de-viner.

David S. Weaver

This photograph is an undated head shot of David S. Weaver.

First Annual Catalogue of the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Raleigh, N.C.

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This document is the catalogue for the first school year at NC State in 1890. It contains a statement of purpose for the university, a list of enrolled students, as well as information about courses, departments, tuition, and room and board.

Women Holding Harvested Tobacco Leaves

This is an image of two young women helping to prepare harvested tobacco for curing. Two female children are also in the picture.

The Hidden Threats

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A lot of things go on behind the scenes that many of us are not aware of. These are the things that are most threatening to our well-being, the things that affect our lives the most. Especially being in college, if you don’t seek to find…