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Vietnam Moratorium Brochure

LRHJr_March On Washington_MC94.1.3_6.pdf
This brochure for the Vietnam Moratorium displays dates for New Mobe's March on Washington.

Leonidas L. Polk

A portrait of Leonidas L. Polk. He was instrumental in the creation of North Carolina State University.

Now! You Too Can Have Technical Training to Prepare You for a Career in...

UA 100.040 Half Box 7 -2.pdf
This informational pamphlet informs high school students about the career opportunites made possible with an Associate's degree from the Agricultural Institute. Students could choose from the followiing majors: Farm Equipment Sales and Service, Field…

North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts freshman class posing with agricultural machinery, 1909

This photograph depicts the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts freshman class of 1909 posting with agricultural machinery. The class is composed of all white males, which proves that NCC A&M catered to the educational advancement…

Philip Morris Scholarship Winners

This photograph depicts the winners of the Philip Morris Scholarship. Notice there are two white women recepients.

Horticulture class in greenhouse

This photograph depicts a white female and two white male students analyzing a plant in an NC State greenhouse.

Students in Horticulture Lab

This photograph depicts two students, female and male, in the horticultural lab. Female agriculture students were more common in the 1970s photographs.

Students working in a lab

This photograph depicts white male students in an agricultural lab circa 1930-1939. This photograph implies only white males were accepted into the School of Agriculture during this decade.

Students observing woman conduct agricultural research

The woman in this photo is either a student, faculty member, or demonstrator. She is being observed by all white men.