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Report Hits NCSU for Ag Research

This is an article from the June 8, 1972 Technician. It discusses a report that accuses land grand colleges of neglecting small farmers in favor of corporate interests. The issue also contains two articles that refute the claims in this report.

Finger-wheel Rake Development

resolver (2).jpg
This file contains an article about the development and uses of a draft-powered sweet potato de-viner.

Peach School

This folder contains the program for the 1949 Sandhills Peach School hosted by North Carolina State University. The folder also contains parts of presentations given at the event.

Peanut Production in North Carolina

Wartime Peanut Production.jpg
This bulletin appears in the 1942 Extension Circular. It discusses the demand to increase peanut production to provide oil for the war effort. It gives cultural advice to peanut farmers to help increase their yield.

"Apple Pest Control School"

ua100_025-004-bx0018-004-000- Apple Pest Control School Program.pdf
This folder contains information about the 1949 Apple Pest Control Schools hosted by NC State University in the North Carolina Mountains. The folder contains announcements for the schools, rosters for the schools, a program of events, as well as some…