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"States Mates," December 5, 1955

This brief article appeared in Vetville's newsletter for December of 1955, describing the events of State's Mates' recent Christmas party

"States Mates," September 28, 1955

This blurb in the September 28, 1955 Vetville Bulletin invited student wives to the first meeting of State's Mates.

Willa Rae Bowen to State's Mates, March 22, 1956

Bowen wrote this letter to State's Mates to inquire about the happiness of college marriages and the problems that student wives had to tackle, as research for a panel on college marriages.

Margie Bridger to Willa Rae Bowen, March 27, 1956

Bridger's response to Bowen's letter discussed the opinions of three members of State's Mates concerning Bowen's earlier inquiry on the happiness and problems of student marriage. Enclosed with the letter was an outline of some of the problems that…

"Domestic Trend on College Campus," December 1, 1955

This article from Statelog discusses the rising number of married students at North Carolina State University and the increasing popularity of State's Mates as a response to this trend.

"States Mates Celebrate 10th Birthday," April 12, 1958

This article from The Raleigh Times discusses the variety show State's Mates put on in celebration of the organization's tenth birthday.

Program for State's Mates Annual Variety Show, April 14, 1958

This document is a program for the tenth anniversary variety show of State's Mates. The show included a fashion show, skits, and musical medleys.

History of State's Mates, ca. 1956-1957

This history, drafted during the 1956-1957 academic year, was written to promote membership in State's Mates and discussed the reorganization of State's Mates in the 1950's to encourage further socializing.

High Steppers, May 20, 1955

This newspaper clipping depicts a group of State's Mates members performing in an end-of-year talent show.

College Wives Entertain, December 22, 1954

This newspaper clipping shows the women of State's Mates preparing for an upcoming Christmas event.