"No Conspiracy, blame Supply and Demand"


"No Conspiracy, blame Supply and Demand"


McClellan Plicik's letter is the one response printed in the Technician in response to Tony Williamson's letter. He argues that the heavy presence of gun shops and liquor stores in African American neighborhoods is not part of a conspiracy theory to wipe out African Americans, but is due to the simple laws of supply and demand. Since there is high demand for these items in African American neighborhoods, these businesses exist there in high numbers. Plicik's take of simple economics for the presence of high numbers of gun shops and liquor shops ignores the exploitative relationship that these businesses have with poor neighborhoods, both black and white. While Williamson's conspiracy theory explanation simplifies the complicated structural reasons for black poverty, Plicik's theory of economics is also a simplification of larger structural problems of racism that continue to plague poor communities.


McClellan Plihcik


McClellan Plihcik, "No Conspiracy, Blame Supply and Demand," The Technician vol. LXXIV no. 22 (October 2, 1992), 4.




Cheryl Dong


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I am writing this letter in response to Tony Williamson’s Forum letter of Sept. 28. There is only one thing I would like to address at this point: the conspiracy theory.

Williamson asked why there are so many liquor stores and gun shops in poor black neighborhoods. I’ll tell you why: supply and demand. It’s very simple, actually, if there is a conspiracy at all, it is one of exploitation, not extermination. Business goes where there’s a market. As long as people buy guns and alcohol, there will be stores in that area to fill the demand.

If you have ever been to some rural “redneck” areas as I have, you will also notice a good deal of gun shops and liquor stores. But I seriously doubt anyone believes there is a conspiracy to keep down or eliminate rednecks. Think about it.

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