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'I Can't Say No'- Womanless Wedding, February 10, 1960

This newspaper clipping shows the husbands of several State's Mates members dressed as women for a "womanless wedding" event.

"'Mrs. NCSU' Winner Crowned," November 1968

This article is about the winner of the 1968 Mrs. NCSU pageant, Shirley Trottier; includes information about her participation in the pageant, her husband, and her secretary job at a local hotel.

"A Black Perspective" Pamphlet, 1981

Black Student Perspective Pamphlet, 1981.pdf
“The North Carolina State University A Black Perspective” brochure was produced in 1981 as part of the campus recruitment tool for minority students. The brochure highlights predominately black clubs and organizations as well as including…

"A Little Help From Mom"

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.37.20 PM.png
An article written about Cathy and Ann Sterling campaigning reached hundreds of newspapers across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

"A Message from the Editor: To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters - 'WHAT'S UP?!'"


To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters - "WHAT'S UP?!"

By Tony Williamson

I am proud to present to you the first issue of "The Nubian Message," NCSU's first African-American newspaper. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here and…

"A Statement of Support to the Non-Academic Workers by the Society of Afro-American Culture," March 18, 1969

\"A Statement of Support to the Non-Academic Workers by the Society of Afro-American Culture,\" March 18, 1969.jpg
Signed by Dupree Simmons, the public relations coordinator of the Society of Afro-American Culture, this March 18, 1969 statement of support argued that NC State undervalued its non-academic African American workers. In the statement, SAAC called for…


"Acquaintance Rape"


Acquaintance Rape

By Tawana Myles

Acquaintance rape accounts for 60 percent of all rape cases reported to law enforcement in North Carolina. Acquaintance rape occurs when a person assaults someone they know well, forcing them to have sex. Most…

"African Americans Choose NCSU at Nation's Seventh Highest Rate"


More African-American high school seniors send their SAT scores to N.C. State than to any other traditionally white college in the nation. NCSU appeared seventh in a list of 15, ranked behind six predominantly black universities, such as Howard…