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  • Collection: The Illusion of Inclusion

"A Message from the Editor: To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters - 'WHAT'S UP?!'"


To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters - "WHAT'S UP?!"

By Tony Williamson

I am proud to present to you the first issue of "The Nubian Message," NCSU's first African-American newspaper. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here and…

"Why the Nubian?"


Why the Nubian?

By Glenn French

Why do we need "The Nubian Message" in addition to the "Technician"? It's a matter of perspective. "The Nubian Message" is a newspaper that is from an Afrikan-American point of view. This perspective is reflected…

"An Apology to our Loyal Readers"


An Apology to our Loyal Readers:

We intended to fill this space with an article that highlighted the accomplishments and career of an Afrikan-American man or woman who is (or was) the Head Coach of an athletic team at N.C. State. Unfortunately,…

"Racism Emerges at State"


Racism Emerges at State

By Rene Scott

Coming into 1994, many NCSU students were jolted awake from a peaceful Dream with an announcement in the Free-Expression tunnel of an Afrikan-American celebration (Showtime at the Apollo). However, there…

"What's the Next Step?"


What's the Next Step?

By Danny Byers

The Minister Louis Farrakhan has told us a million times about who the cursed seed of Canaanite is and what they have/are doing to us and we have listened. We have listened to the doctrine of the Black…

"N.C. Student Leaders Indecisive Over Affirmative Action"


N.C. Student Leaders Indecisive Over Affirmative Action

By Carolyn Holloway

The wait over the student debate for Affirmative Action may be over in the UNC-System.

Recently, in the gathering of UNC-Student Government leaders at UNC-Chapel…

"The Need for Slavery"


The Need for Slavery

By George Gaitland

The history of the Afrikan and Afrikan-American is and endless list of achievements; from Royalty and excellence, to slavery and freedom, to the struggle for redemption. However, in our whole history,…

"AIDS - The Leading Killer Amongst Young Adults"


AIDS - The Leading Killer Amongst Young Adults

By Tawana Myles

Aids [sic] has surpassed accidents as the leading killer of young adults today, experts say. Recent figures show that in 1993, HIV became the leading cause of death for Americans…

"Acquaintance Rape"


Acquaintance Rape

By Tawana Myles

Acquaintance rape accounts for 60 percent of all rape cases reported to law enforcement in North Carolina. Acquaintance rape occurs when a person assaults someone they know well, forcing them to have sex. Most…

"Funding in Question for AACC Library/Gallery"


Funding in Question for AACC Library/Gallery

By Fred Frazier

In a turn of events not uncanny to this complex, the African American Cultural Center's library has, once again, run into staffing problems. Normally the library operates from 9 a.m.…