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The People Have Spoken!! AASAC-endorsed Candidates Swept Elections

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Student Body Officers for the 2000-2001 school year (from left to right): Mark Aldrich, Student Center President, Michael Anthony, Student Body Treasurer, Harold Pettigrew, Student Body President, Conen Morgan, Student Senate President

Cowards in Our Midst/Not Nearly Enough

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Those who will not stand up for their fellow black brothers and sisters on campus, those who fear being labeled as too black or too militant are in the opinion of this paper, cowards.

Those who are willing to step up and voice their opinions,…

The Great White Hype??

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The white quarterback is the most heralded player in professional and collegiate football because of, among many things, unfair coverage by television and print media, a study conducted by “The Nubian Message” revealed.


"An Apology to our Loyal Readers"


An Apology to our Loyal Readers:

We intended to fill this space with an article that highlighted the accomplishments and career of an Afrikan-American man or woman who is (or was) the Head Coach of an athletic team at N.C. State. Unfortunately,…

Black Men Get Used to Your "Suspect" Status

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Last year while walking down Gorman street at night, I was stopped and questioned by Public Safety. The reason was simply because I was a black man. In fact, the officer told me so.

“Son, we had a description come over the radio of a black male.…

The Discriminated Describe Reality"


I would like to correct his “bottom line” of what discrimination is. It is not, as he states when “someone or some group feels cheated out of their perogatives or insulted by beliefs that don’t agree with theirs.”…

An Essay to Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America

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What “burns me up” as my granny use to say is listening to historians like Duke University’s John Hope Franklin giving thoughtless advice to President William Jefferson Clinton that Clinton should not apologize for slavery. Yes, for the last…

Black Intellect Outlines Challenges Facing Tomorrow's Leaders

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According to Dyson, the future of Black America will require sharp young black people who do not waste their time on triviality. He then went on to explain that the African American leaders of the future will have to be individuals who can speak…

Put Up or Shut Up

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The Dawning of a new day. That’s how many African-Americans see the beginning of this new academic year… the dawning of a new day. With so many changes around the university that affect black people, it is easy [sic.] why some are optimistic…

"Base Selections on Quality, Not Race"


Affirmative action programs seek to provide a larger applicant pool for desirable positions through quality training and recruiting. Once the larger pool is in place, previously disadvantaged minorities have an equal chance for selection. For many…