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"Over grievances, blacks, Caldwell meet," November 2, 1973


Approximately 50 black students attended the Chancellor’s Liaison Committee meeting yesterday afternoon and requested a private meeting afterwards with Caldwell to air problems facing black students. Don Bell, president of the Society of…

"Harrison criticizes black leadership," November 5, 1973


Distrust between black and white student leaders on campus is increasing, according to Brenda Harrison, University Student Center president. Events came to head last Thursday afternoon when 50 black students attended the Chancellor’s liaison…

"Students get space in shop," January 9, 1974


The future of Harris Cafeteria and the allocations for the Print Shop have been announced. Several offices and departments located in Peele Hall will be moved to Harris. Chancellor John Caldwell stated Dec. 7 what departments would be located in…

"Black, white leaders set weekend meeting," January 30, 1974


Student leaders and members of the faculty and administration will attend the Student Affairs of Human Relations Conference at Quail Roost this weekend. The goals of the conference are to discuss problem areas between black and white students and to…

"SAAC tactics not promoting racial unity," November 5, 1973


Chancellor Caldwell’s private meeting with Don Bell and several SAAC members Thursday afternoon as this Liaison Committee meeting does nothing to improve the black-white relationship on this campus. Bell’s refusal to speak up during the…


"Harrison SAACed," November 9, 1973


To the Editor: According to Brenda Harrison, I am what you might classify as one of the “less vocal black students on campus.” (Technician, Monday, Nov. 5). I feel that it is really pitiful that the black leaders and black students in…

"What if," November 12, 1973


To the Editor: “Open up in there, we demand to see the Chancellor! As members of a minority group we demand an equal voice in Student Affairs.” This is the vocal assertion for equality of a fictional group demonstrating in front of the…

"Only seeks respect," November 12, 1973


To the Editor: This is in reference to the series of articles written about Blacks on campus in the last three editorials of the Technician. The articles were highly biased against the Blacks, which is an oddity if they were written by highly…

"Chancellor John T. Caldwell posing with North Carolina State University student government officials at Memorial Bell Tower," 1969

Chancellor John T. Caldwell posing with North Carolina State University student government officials at Memorial Bell Tower, 1969.jpg
Photograph of Chancellor John Tyler Caldwell, second from right, posing with student leaders in front of the NCSU Memorial Tower. Eric Moore, then-president of the Society of Afro-American Culture, stands to the left of Caldwell.

"Carey H. Bostian sitting at his desk," 1960

Carey H. Hostian sitting at his desk, 1960.jpg
Photograph of former NC State Chancellor Carey Hoyt Bostian. Bostian served as NC State's chancellor from 1953-1959. When Bostian retired from the chancellorship in 1959, he continued teaching at NC State until 1973. This photograph is dated 1960.