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  • Collection: Under Review: The Anderson-Sermon Controversy and Football's Role on the College Campus

"Alumni Values," January 6, 1937

This Raleigh News and Observer article asserts that alumni need to remember NC State's educational purpose and not focus so heavily on the football team.

"Boston College to Furnish Opposition For Tech Eleven," November 6, 1936

This Technician article offered a preview of an upcoming NC State football game against Boston College. The authors hoped that the game would give NC State the opportunity to avenge an earlier loss against Manhattan, another team from the North.

"Colleges Overlook A Duty," October 9, 1936

A student editorial that argues colleges are responsible for producing good citizens and future leaders, and should thus have citizenship classes

"Go Vague Rumors," October 16, 1936

A student editorial that discusses the rumors about the football program, and argues that students should continue to show school spirit and support the team during the season.

"Graham Plan Considered Idealistic," December 25, 1936

An article from the Greensboro Record discussed the Graham Plan as "'baloney' wrapped up in fine words as written from an educational authority."

"Jake Wade's Sports Parade," October 6, 1936

This editorial from a North Carolina newspaper pointed out that no controversies existed over the large numbers of Northern football players at the University of North Carolina and Duke. As long as a football team was winning, the author contended,…

"Just Needs Luck Writes Ed Camp," September 16, 1936

An article from the Technician, NC State's student newspaper, offered a preview of the upcoming football season and illustrated that most of the team's top players were from the North.

"Morale or Morality," October 16, 1936

A student editorial in response to Dr. Poteat's statement that NC State students' morals are low; the article emphasizes the negative influence of profanity on campus

"Needed: A Sense of Values," January 8, 1937

The moot question of the State College Athletic Situation, like the much publicized Spanish Civil War, would seem to be entering its final stage. It has passed through the hands of Athletic Council, Faculty Council, Dean Harrelson, Doctor Graham.…

"Not the Time," October 9, 1936

A student editorial that urges students to remain united in their school spirit and not become divided over the football situation until the season ends