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  • Collection: Under Review: The Anderson-Sermon Controversy and Football's Role on the College Campus

A.F. Greaves-Walker to Frank P. Graham, December 7, 1936

A.F. Greaves-Walker, a professor of Ceramic Engineering at NC State, expressed his opinions about a college football coach's duties. Graves-Walker felt that it was important for the coach to promote good morals among football players. He also felt…

A.F. Greaves-Walker to Dr. Frank Graham, December 7, 1936

N.C. State professor of ceramic engineering A.F. Greaves-Walker wrote Dr. Graham in 1936. He testifies to Dr. Sermon's standing as a gentleman, and argues that the faculty believes they and all the coaches ought to be gentlemen who help improve…

C.W. Hodges to Dean Harrelson, November 21, 1936

C.W. Hodges, NC State alumnus, wrote Dean Harrelson to express his opinion on the football situation at NC State. He advocated retaining Coach Anderson.

"Southern Teams Near Top," October 2, 1936

An article from NC State's student newspaper, the Technician, cited Ted Husing, a well-known radio announcer and sports commentator. Husing felt that the level of play on Southern college football teams was now just as strong as it was in the North.

"Sports Glimpses," October 16, 1936

Clarence Gale's sports column describes a student meeting held to dispel rumors about the football team. Gale encourages the student body to rally as one behind the team.

"Colleges Overlook A Duty," October 9, 1936

A student editorial that argues colleges are responsible for producing good citizens and future leaders, and should thus have citizenship classes

H.W. Taylor to Colonel J.W. Harrelson, December 6, 1936

In a letter to Dean Harrelson, NC State alum H.W. Taylor expressed his regret that the football controversy at NC State was overshadowing academics, which he felt should be the true focus of a college. He expressed admiration for Davidson football…

"Graham Plan Considered Idealistic," December 25, 1936

An article from the Greensboro Record discussed the Graham Plan as "'baloney' wrapped up in fine words as written from an educational authority."

J. Henry Highsmith to Dr. Frank Graham, December 11, 1936

Superintendent of Public Instruction Highsmith wrote Graham expressing his concern about profanity among college sports, the attitude of coaches, and the educational role athletics should play on campus

"Jake Wade's Sports Parade," October 6, 1936

This editorial from a North Carolina newspaper pointed out that no controversies existed over the large numbers of Northern football players at the University of North Carolina and Duke. As long as a football team was winning, the author contended,…