Activity Two: The Nubian Message in the 1990s

Step One (Review): Have students draw on discussions from the previous class to summarize the events leading up to the founding of The Nubian Message in 1992. (Skip to Step Two if using this lesson activity only.)

Step Two: Have all students read the introduction to the exhibit, “The Nubian Message in the 1990s.” Then assign each student a section of the exhibit to read and explore individually. (This can be accomplished by the "counting off" method: assigning Student A the first exhibit section to read, Student B the second exhibit section, and so forth around the room.) The exhibit sections are:

While students read, ask them to identify key terms, themes, arguments, and evidence in the exhibit sections. Remind students that they should read the primary sources (the articles) as well as the secondary-source information (the exhibit text).

Step Three: Divide the class into groups of four, with at least one person per exhibit section in each group. Have groups internally discuss the following questions:

  • How does The Nubian Message cover topics like campus racism, affirmative action, and HIV/AIDS? What were the major debates over these issues in the 1990s?
  • Are these topics exclusively African-American issues? How does The Nubian Message cover topics differently than the Technician and other mainstream media? (Refer to notes from previous class discussions if needed.)
  • How do writers in The Nubian Message view the civil rights movements of the 1960s? According to their articles, were the civil rights movements successful in ending racial inequality or not successful?
  • According to writers in The Nubian Message, what strategies should African Americans take to combat racism in society? What are the responsibilities of white Americans to combat racism in society?
  • How did The Nubian Message’s stance on race-related issues change over time? Refer to specific articles to support your answer.

Step Four: Bring the class back together and discuss students’ answers to the questions posed above. Ask students to cite specific articles from The Nubian Message to support their answers.