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A.F. Greaves-Walker to Dr. Frank Graham, December 7, 1936

N.C. State professor of ceramic engineering A.F. Greaves-Walker wrote Dr. Graham in 1936. He testifies to Dr. Sermon's standing as a gentleman, and argues that the faculty believes they and all the coaches ought to be gentlemen who help improve…

The Technician (Raleigh, NC), January 12, 1923


From "Splinters from the North Carolina Pine":

The restaurant patron was peeved — there were black specks on his grapefruit. But Sambo, the African diplomat, soothed hm.

“Why, boss, dat sho must be dem vitamines wat everyone am talkin’…

"Freedom of What Cost? Join NCSU in Wearing Black to Blackout Racism"

Free Expression Tunnel.jpg
This image appeared in a news story about racist and homophobic graffiti that appeared in North Carolina State University's Free Expression Tunnel in 2010. The graffiti disparaged President Barack Obama after the 2010 mid-term elections in addition…

Black Men Get Used to Your "Suspect" Status

14 nubian_message-09-14-2000_0007.pdf

Last year while walking down Gorman street at night, I was stopped and questioned by Public Safety. The reason was simply because I was a black man. In fact, the officer told me so.

“Son, we had a description come over the radio of a black male.…

Now! You Too Can Have Technical Training to Prepare You for a Career in...

UA 100.040 Half Box 7 -2.pdf
This informational pamphlet informs high school students about the career opportunites made possible with an Associate's degree from the Agricultural Institute. Students could choose from the followiing majors: Farm Equipment Sales and Service, Field…

Academics Serious Business for Senior Cornerback Taylor

In a newspaper article in a special edition of The Technician, the author interviews a black football player about his academic experience and his experience as a black student athlete at NC State.

The Discriminated Describe Reality"


I would like to correct his “bottom line” of what discrimination is. It is not, as he states when “someone or some group feels cheated out of their perogatives or insulted by beliefs that don’t agree with theirs.”…

Newspaper article on State's Mates charitable project, September 1, 1961

This brief, unidentified article discusses the State's Mates charitable project for the 1961-1962 year.

Teacher Goes From Freshman to Doctor

This article, in a special edition ofThe Technicianon black history at the university, a chemical engineer reflects on his difficulties at NC State and how he rose above them to become a successful PhD.

Aurora and the Fairy

Aurora and the Fairy.jpg
This illustration accompanies the fairy tale, "Sleeping Beauty," in Armand Eisen's A Treasury of Children's Literature. It depicts a fairy bestowing the gift of beauty on Aurora at her christening ceremony.