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Phillip Morris Scholarship Winners, circa 1970-1979

Phillip Morris scholarship UA023.006.1 folder 5.pdf
This overhead photograph shows NC State agricultural student scholars touring a tobacco factory. While the majority of winners are white males, some scholarship recipients were African American women and white women.

Research Apprentices in the Field, 1981.

USDA 1981 UA 100.40.6.pdf
These two pictures show the African American Research Apprentices in the field for their summer study. The students are interacting with farmers and potentially farming families or faculty.

What is a Primary Source? A How-To Guide for High School Students

Traditional Lesson Plan – Primary Sources.pdf
This lesson plan teaches high school students how to identify, analyze, and interpret primary sources such as textual documents, media, and oral histories. Teachers can use the lesson plan with primary sources of their choosing.

Bulk Curing Simplifies Tobacco Mechanization, Paper No. 59-311, 1959.

This report from the 1959 Annual Meeting for the American Society of Agricultural Engineers claims bulk curing simplifies tobacco mechanization.

"What Is the Purpose of Education?"

Education Purpose Infographic.pdf
This infographic from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) explores the changing opinions about the purpose of education throughout the twentieth century by using quotes from various people during the times in question.

"The Fulfillment Gap"

The fulfillment gap.pdf
This in-work copy of John Caldwell's speech recognized the main problems of the world and accepted students' discontent with how the world was operating. He reminded his listeners that not all students were the same: some practiced anarchism and…

"The Chancellor earns an ovation and flowers, too"

The Chancellor earns an ovation and flowers, too.pdf
This editorial in The Gazette lauded Caldwell for his statements in his 1969 convocation.

"We Have to Cope"

We have to cope.pdf
This in-work copy of Chancellor Caldwell's speech outlined the two main groups in American society pushing for change during the 1960s: younger African-Americans and youthful activists. When speaking of the second group, Caldwell put forth the idea…

"University Policy on Free Speech and Order"

University policy on free speech and order.pdf
In this speech, given by Chancellor John T. Caldwell, the chancellor encouraged students' free speech to the extent of the law, but reminded students to keep their demonstrations orderly and not disrupt the business of the university.

Speech to New Students

Speech to new students 1968.pdf
In this page of a speech given by Chancellor John T. Caldwell to students at NC State, the chancellor spoke of wanting to have student participation in decision-making processes at the university. He applauded the strong student government acting at…