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NCSU Interim Affirmative Action Recruitment Report, 1977-1978

In response to a Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) investigation in the 1970s and the implementation of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws, North Carolina State University established an affirmative action…

NCSU Athletic Director Willis Casey and Affirmative Action


I would like to request that you waive affirmative action rules for several assistant football coaches. As you know, we have just hired a new football coach, and he will be interviewing and hiring several assistant coaches. We do not have the usual…

NCSU Athletic Director Willis Casey to Affirmative Action Officer Lawrence Clark


I would like to request that you waive all affirmative action procedures for us to hire eight (8) assistant football coaches. As you are well aware, we do not have the time to follow all of these affirmative action rules in this case since we need to…

Director R.W. Shoffner to Chancellor John T. Caldwell


Thought you might be interested in the invitation list and attendance at our five football game luncheons held at Carter stadium this fall.

The enclosed report gives you some idea about the number of different people who were our guests.

Chancellor John T. Caldwell to Brick Miller, Bill Roberts and Associates


I understand your plan to lead a group to my home this evening to present me with questions concerning certain non-academic employees of the University.

You are already informed that this whole matter has been introduced into legal channels and…

Gordon Gunter to Chancellor Caldwell



I read your article in the summer issue of Phi Kappa Phi.

I began a long time ago. My father was Mr. Atticus I, I always said.

But Martin Luther King went astray after doing some goods things in Birmingham. He advocated non-observance…

University of Georgia Vice Chancellor H.F. Robinson to NCSU Chancellor John Caldwell


Dear John:

I have just read your most stirring remarks in Summer, 1968 issue of Phi Kappa Phi Journal entitled, "Where Do We Begin?" These words were most appropriate on the occasion of the funeral of Martin Luther King and I am glad to see them…

Things Look Pretty Black

In this article, the author discusses racial violence and strife occurring across the country and urges blacks and whites to set aside their differences and realized they "are the same."

Integration at State: Only in Math Class

In this article, the newspaper explores white acceptance of black students among different portions of the student body.

We are Tolerated, Say Black Students

In thisTechnician article, black students discuss how they are treated on campus.