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  • Collection: Agricultural Empowerment in Academics, Research, and Extension

Rural Housing Survey Results, 1938-1940

This folder contains the responses of several rural North Carolina residents concerning the rural housing problem.

Electric Sweet Potato Bed

Electric Sweet Potato Bed.jpg
Photograph of an experimental electric sweet potato bed used for curing sweet potatoes.

Women Holding Harvested Tobacco Leaves

This is an image of two young women helping to prepare harvested tobacco for curing. Two female children are also in the picture.

"Planting Tobacco"

This is a black and white photograph of men transplanting tobacco seedlings in a field.

"Tobacco Harvesting"

This is a black and white photograph of an African-American farm laborer hand harvesting tobacco leaves.

"Apple Pest Control School"

ua100_025-004-bx0018-004-000- Apple Pest Control School Program.pdf
This folder contains information about the 1949 Apple Pest Control Schools hosted by NC State University in the North Carolina Mountains. The folder contains announcements for the schools, rosters for the schools, a program of events, as well as some…

Peach School

This folder contains the program for the 1949 Sandhills Peach School hosted by North Carolina State University. The folder also contains parts of presentations given at the event.

Annual Report, School of Agriculture June, 1961

UA100.2.1 annual 1961.pdf

The excerpted transcription highlights sections of page 1 and 2. See the PDF for the full document. p. 1: "Enrollment increased substantially in the freshman class, rising from 111 in 1959 to 170 in 1960. More than 200 active applicants have been…

Miss Dixon of Alamance

Geo R. Ross, class of 1911, wrote an article in November 1947 about Eula Louisa Dixon. Dixon was the first female student to take a course related to agriculture: dairying or dairy husbandry. Dixon applied the knowledge of her short course at NC…

Annual Report for 1957-58 Instruction, School of Agriculture

UA100.2.1 annual report 1957-58.pdf

The following transcription excerpt come from page 5. See PDF for full text."VI. GREATER EMPHASIS ON GUIDANCE FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. The School of Agriculture has given much more attention to providing high school students and people who influence…