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Pat Salas's Survey, ca. 1967

The board of the State's Mates distributed a survey to its members in order to gauge member participation. In her survey, Pat Salas suggested ideas about programming and social gatherings, which included the suggestion for an international recipe…

"Tips For Happy 'Survival' in Raleigh," n. d.

This document offered tips about everyday needs to women who were new to the Raleigh area, including where to shop, points of interest, and where to go for health needs. It was compiled by the Graduate Dames, the women's organization for wives of…

Barbara Medders to Linda Sherrill, October 18, 1961

This letter from a former president to Linda Sherrill and State's Mates updated them on life after her husband's graduation.

Board Meeting Minutes, January 17, 1966

The board members discussed the sponsorship of the Good Wife Diploma Program after the student activities director suggested the idea to the State's Mates.

"Dances to Victory, States Mates Winner Chosen," January 1966

The article in the school newspaper announced the winner of the Mrs. NC State 1966 title.

Paula James to the State's Mates in the Wagg'n Tongue

State's Mates member, Paula James, thanked the members and advisors in The Wagg'n Tongue newsletter for all the support she received while in the organization.

State's Mates 1965-1966 yearbook cover

Cover to the State's Mates 1965-1966 yearbook displaying the club's logo, a housewife ironing, and a male student studying.

Thomas Stafford, Jr. to Sandy Wakefield, January 19, 1966

This letter was written by the acting assistant director of student activities at NC State to the president about the conditions of State's Mates sponsorship of the Good Wife Diploma program.

Rita Butler to State's Mates, November, 16, 1965

This letter was written by the president of State's Mates to warn the members about an encyclopedia saleman that targeted students and pushed them to buy the book set. The president gave advice to those that are interested in purchasing encyclopedias…

"Mrs. NC State To Be Chosen Monday Night," ca. 1964

This newspaper article announced the date and time for the Mrs. NC State contest.