Annual Report, School of Agriculture 1968-9


Annual Report, School of Agriculture 1968-9


The page excerpt from the 1968-1969 Annual Report is a summary of student responses about their opinions of the School of Agriculture. The School used these interviews to gauge the effectiveness of their instruction on students. However, this study is lacking because there is not distinction between males and females in this summary, nor were transcripts of the original interviews, and we do not know the demographics of the interviewees. The final point reveals majors in wildlife biology were disappointed with the lack of employment opportunities; the criticism uncovers formal education did not automatically ensure employment. Therefore, students were empowered with knowledge, but what good did it do when there were few jobs in the field?


School of Agriculture and Life Sciences


"Annual Report, School of Agriculture 1968-9," North Carolina State University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Annual Reports, UA 100.02.001, Special Collections Research Center, North Carolina State University Libraries, Raleigh, NC.






Raleigh, North Carolina


The excerpted transcription highlights a section of the page. See PDF for full document.

"Responses of Students to Programs in the School

A random sample of graduating students was invited to visit informally on an individual basis with the Director and Assistant Director of Instruction for the School. A summary of the student responses from the interviews is as follows:

1. Pleased with academic programs in the School, particularly with the flexibility and opportunity to select curriculum combinations, such as soils and forestry, poultry and economics, etc.

2. Respected and appreciated the help of the faculty adviser.

3. Reported that faculty were available to them. (No one reported a faculty member in any school refusing to see them).

4. Desired more variety in teaching approaches.

5. Suggested modifications in a few courses regarding the relevance of material taught.

6. Criticized instruction in chemistry more than any other area, although some individual professors were cited as excellent.

7. Recommended more business management types courses and less theoretical economics.

8. Disappointed in the number of employment opportunities available in wildlife biology for the majors in this area."

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School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, “Annual Report, School of Agriculture 1968-9,” The State of History, accessed April 19, 2021,