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"'Mrs. NCSU' Winner Crowned," November 1968

This article is about the winner of the 1968 Mrs. NCSU pageant, Shirley Trottier; includes information about her participation in the pageant, her husband, and her secretary job at a local hotel.

Donna Logan to Catherine Reynolds, March 31, 1969

In this letter, Donna Logan, president of State's Mates, explains to Catherine Reynolds that the Mrs. NC State pageant had replaced the talent shows.

"Mrs. North Carolina State Contest for 1968-1969" Contestant Form

This document is the 1968-1969 Mrs. NCSU Pageant contestant form.

"Mrs. NCSU Crowned," November 18, 1968

In this article from the Technician, Mary Porterfield covers the Mrs. NCSU pageant but highlights the lack of an audience at the event; she suggests having a Miss NCSU pageant would attract more attendees.