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1960s NCSU Aerial View

NCSU was just one piece of a complex greater community. Pictured is the NCSU campus in 1969. One can see the stark contrast between the busting campus center and the quiet, predominantly black community of Oberlin Village to the north.

1968 First Inter-racial basketball team

First African American Basketball Player.jpeg
Al Heartley and William Cooper are the first African Americans to play basketball at North Carolina State. The 1967 freshmen basketball team was the first integrated basketball team.

1977-1978 N.C. State University Women's Basketball Players Study Session

In this photograph, four female student athletes study together. The group consists of three white students and one black student. The photo was taken sometime in 1977 or 1978.

82nd Airborne marching on Hillsborough Street during demonstration following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

This photograph, taken shortly after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., is a bit of a puzzle. The 82nd Airborne, as active troops, were not allowed to carry weapons against American citizens. Therefore, likely, the troops were marching in…

A Black Teacher in a White School

This article was written by Dr. Don C. Locke, associate professor of counselor education at NC State, describing the realities of a black professor working on a white campus. Black faculty that worked at predominantly white campuses were often…

A Statement of Support to the Non-Academic Workers by the Society of Afro-American Culture

The Society of Afro-American Culture was the main student organization which supported the Physical Plant employees in the spring of 1969. They released a statement of support encouraging university administration to accept the workers' demands.