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Academics Serious Business for Senior Cornerback Taylor

In a newspaper article in a special edition of The Technician, the author interviews a black football player about his academic experience and his experience as a black student athlete at NC State.

Teacher Goes From Freshman to Doctor

This article, in a special edition ofThe Technicianon black history at the university, a chemical engineer reflects on his difficulties at NC State and how he rose above them to become a successful PhD.

Jolly Knave Integration Try Fails

The NCSU student body protested Mr. Fred Fletcher's decision to transform the Jolly Knave into the private club in order to avoid integrating the establishment.

Letter to Dr. James Maddox from Linda Brieaddy

In this letter to Dr. James Maddox, the chairman of the Good Neighbor Council, Linda Brieaddy writes to complain about an incident involving two chemistry graduate students and the Brieaddy's landlords. Mrs. Brieaddy writes that she and her husband,…

Oral History Interview with Doretha Blalock, Margaret Hunt, and Cyrus King

D.H. Hill Library was one of the first workspaces on NC State's campus that integrated black and white staff and employees. In this interview conducted in 2007, three former library employees recount their experiences and involvement in integration,…

Oral History Interview with I.T. (Isaac Thomas) Littleton

I.T. Littleton started working at D.H. Hill library in 1959 and served as director of D.H. Hill from 1967-1987. Littleton was intricately involved in the integration of D.H. Hill's staff and involved in the Civil Rights Movement. His experiences…

Chancellor John T. Caldwell to Brick Miller, Bill Roberts and Associates


I understand your plan to lead a group to my home this evening to present me with questions concerning certain non-academic employees of the University.

You are already informed that this whole matter has been introduced into legal channels and…

Racism in Employment at NCSU--Patterns and Prospects

In 1971, the Good Neighbor Council's Committee on Institutional Racism produced a report outlining the evidence they found of NC State's institutional racism in its employment practices. The first four pages of the report outline the major problem…

Blacks Demonstrate at Capital

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After four maids were fired from NC State's Physical Plant division, demonstrators gathered at the State Capital to show their support. As the protests by NC State's employees continued throughout the spring of 1969, their working conditions and…

New Good Neighbor Council Subcommittees

Under Cyrus B. King's tutelage, the Good Neighbor Council addressed more systemic causes for racial and cultural discrimination on NCSU's campus. Most notably, the Good Neighbor Council created a subcommittee for "Institutional Racism."