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Chancellor John Caldwell with Student Government

This image subtly conveys the heightened emotional tensions of the late 1960s at NCSU. Jack Barger, furthest to the left, was often met with hostile opinions of the student council by the black student body. Shortly after this image was taken, Eric…

James G. Maddox

Trained as an agricultural economist, James G. Maddox was an incredibly accomplished writer and debater. James Maddox was the first Good Neighbor Council's chairman, serving from 1967-1968. His initial efforts in addressing West Raleigh housing…

Cyrus B. King

Cyrus B. King was one of the longest tenured officers in the Good Neighbor Council. His position as secretary in the early 1970s meant that King would often open dialogue with local community members.

Hillsborough in the 1970s

This image, taken in the 1970s by Tom Olsen, reveals the plethora of establishments available for NCSU students. Black students were constantly aware of what establishments were safest and most welcoming to minorities.

NCSU Faculty Club

A symbol of modernization and progress, the NCSU Faculty Club held tight to social and political norms. The Good Neighbor Council requested that the majority-white institution open its doors to faculty from nearby historically black colleges, St.…

1960s NCSU Aerial View

NCSU was just one piece of a complex greater community. Pictured is the NCSU campus in 1969. One can see the stark contrast between the busting campus center and the quiet, predominantly black community of Oberlin Village to the north.