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Photograph of Hayley at Work

This photograph was taken in August 2014 at the end of Hayley's internship with Greensboro Historical Museum in Greensboro, NC. It portrays Hayley working on rehousing some of the museum's dolls during her internship.

Photograph of "Rockette" T. Rex

This is a photo of Tyrannosaurs Rex in Boulder Museum of History in the city of Boulder, Colorado. Taken by Nathan Johnson with his father, Paul Johnson, on a paleontological trip to Dinosaur National Monument in 1996. This dinosaur is dramatically…

Photograph of Stained Glass Window

The stained glass window in the picture is one of eight in the sanctuary of Brown's Chapel Methodist Church, in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Interview of Francis King

king with marker.jpg
Francis King, a local civil rights leader, was involved in the 1963 Civil Rights Movement in Williamston, NC.

Photograph of Five Yesterdays Assistants at Old Salem Museums and Gardens

This photograph was taken at Old Salem Museums and Gardens during the summer of 2007. The photograph was taken by Susan Ball, the Five Yesterdays program director at Old Salem. The three costumed interpreters are the three assistants at Five…

Elementary Student Essay on Hiroshima Atom Bomb

On that sixth of August I wasn’t going to school yet. At the time, I was playing in front of the public bath near home. Then Sei-chan said, “Please go to the garden and pick some flowers.” So I was on my way to get them. All of a sudden there…

Harold's Club


Harold’s Club Wants Lady clerks between the ages of 21 and 35 capable of learning to deal games at Harold’s Club under expert teachers. Many of our present lady dealers who started this way are now earning $60 a Week Experience unnecessary but…

Tupperware: The Nicest Thing That Could Happen To Your Kitchen!


The Nicest Thing That Could Happen To Your Kitchen!

Photograph of Landrum-Stork Pottery Jar

The photograph illustrates the conservation of a Landrum-Stork Pottery Jar. Landrum-Stork company made ceramic jars and jugs during the last half of the nineteenth century in Columbia, South Carolina. Several of these ceramic pieces have been…

Photograph of Houston

This is a panoramic photograph of city skyline of Houston, Texas, in 1911. When compared to other photographs of Houston from earlier and later dates, this shows the change that the downtown center of the city went through over time.