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State's Mates started as a bridge club for students' wives in the fall of 1947. It was operated out of the State College Woman's Club and did not draft its own constitution until 1953. State's Mates was the first woman's group to have photographs of its members in the Agromeck yearbook. When their husbands graduated, State's Mates received their "Ph.T.'s", a special degree that stood for "Putting Hubby Through." The Mrs. NC State beauty pageant ran from 1963-1972. Winners were typically crowned by their husbands. Most State's Mates were employed, in clerical or sales positions. A number also found employment as laboratory technicians at NC State.

State's Mates Officers Representing the Pack, ca. 1961-1962

State's Mates was an organization of student wives on the campus of North Carolina State University that operated from 1947 until 1977. Although the club originally formed as a bridge group, they later evolved into a full-fledged social and civic association. The group served as a forum for the members to discuss issues relating to marriage, children, and monetary concerns and was an outlet for the women to publicly display their conceptions of femininity through variety shows, the Mrs. NC State pageant, fashion shows, and an array of service activities.

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