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"Chancellor Appoints Disruption Policy Committees"

This article is located on the last page of this edition of The Technician. In it, Hilton Smith wrote about the disruption policy committees that Chancellor Caldwell created in November 1970. The committees contained both students and faculty, each…

"Senate Acts on Student Requests"

This article, on the front page of The Technician, described the faculty senate's decision that they should encourage political activism. The decision changed class policy rules and allowed students to treat missing class for a political event…

Hanging tobacco leaves for curing, ca. 1939

This black and white photograph is an example of a very small tobacco farm. This is a rural setting in which the whole family is involved in the production of tobacco.

People tying hands of tobacco leaves for curing, 1940

This black and white photograph shows African-American women preparing and processing tobacco by hand, a method that is rarely used today.

Workers in the field gathering tobacco leaves

This is a black and white photograph of African-American farm laborers harvesting tobacco leaves. The laborers are men, women, and a child. Note also their reliance on draft power in the background of the photograph.

Walking primers and trucking with mule-drawn sled

This is a black and white photograph of a farmers controlling a mule drawn sled. They are using draft power to harvest tobacco leaves.

"Tobacco Harvesting"

This is a black and white photograph of an African-American farm laborer hand harvesting tobacco leaves.

Tobacco transplanter

A black and white photograph of African-American farmers using a tractor and modern machinery to mechanize the tobacco transplanting process.

"Planting Tobacco"

This is a black and white photograph of men transplanting tobacco seedlings in a field.

NC State and the City

This image, taken in 2004, reveals both the proximity of NC State to Downtown Raleigh and the tremendous growth Raleigh has experienced in the past 50 years.