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"Canning girls and corn club boys will make the state our pride"

song booklet 1.jpg
This song booklet created ca. 1918 for club members that demonstrates their commitment to their state.

1912 girl's club, tomato club booklet by Prapst, Beulah

Prapst 1.jpg
Beulah Prapst reflected on her experiences in her local tomato club in this booklet. All club members were expected to create a club journal.

1915 girls club, tomato club booklet by Peterson, Annie Laura

Laura 1.jpg
This booklet was written by Annie Laura Peterson, a member of a North Carolina tomato club. Within the booklet, she reflected and described her experiences with the club.


4-H club member making biscuits

4-h club member making biscuits.jpg
In this photograph (ca. 1920-1929) a young 4-H Club member is depicted making bisquits.

4-H club members participating in exercises at the Davidson-Rowan 4-H Camp

Exercises DavidsonRowan.jpg
This photograph (ca. 1927) depicts 4-H club members of all ages stretching at the Davidson-Rowan 4-H camp.

4-H Club Members Standing Together Grouped in Clubs: Tomato Club, Bee Club, Pig Club, and Corn Club, ca. 1920-1929

Grouped in Clubs.jpg
4-H club members posed for a picture grouped in their respective clubs, Tomato Club, Bee Club, Pig Club, and Corn Club in this photograph (ca. 1920-1929)


4-H girls preserving fruits and vegetables

preserving fruits and vegetables.jpg
Four girls practiced canning fruits and vegetables in this photograph.


A group of Little River Club women working for certificates in Food Preservation

a group of little river club women.jpg
This photograph (ca. 1920-1929) depcits four women who took a lesson on steam pressure and worked towards certificates in food preservation.

African American home demonstration agent demonstrating child care skills to African American girls

African American Home Demo Child Care.jpg
In this photograph (ca. 1930), Agricultural Extension's African American division home demonstration on Childcare in North Carolina.

African-American boy weaves seat caning onto a chair, Guilford County, North Carolina, September 1937

boy weaves seat caning.jpg
A 4-H club member is photographed while weaving seat caning onto a chair in Guilford County, North Carolina in September, 1937.