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  • Collection: Activists and Authorities: the May 1970 Protests at North Carolina State University

"A Little Help From Mom"

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An article written about Cathy and Ann Sterling campaigning reached hundreds of newspapers across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

"Caldwell's Address to Thursday's Convocation"

On page 8 of this episode of NC State's Technician is an account of university Chancellor John Caldwell's convocation speech on May 14, 1970. In the speech, Caldwell applauded the civic spirit running rampant across campus, as well as the cooperation…

"Chancellor Appoints Disruption Policy Committees"

This article is located on the last page of this edition of The Technician. In it, Hilton Smith wrote about the disruption policy committees that Chancellor Caldwell created in November 1970. The committees contained both students and faculty, each…

"Chancellor Requests Students to Attend Class"

Located on the first page of The Technician, this article consisted of Chancellor John Caldwell's personal plea to students to continue attending classes over the course of the Peace Retreat. Although Caldwell supported the political involvement of…

"No Escape"

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"No Escape" is an address by NC State Chancellor John Caldwell at the opening student assembly at Peace College in August 1971. It described the events that the chancellor lived through that were only history in the eyes of the students to whom he…

"Plaza Convocation to Center on Indochina War"

This article, located on the front page of The Technician, spoke about the possible creation of the Peace Retreat. It relayed the approval of the chancellor, provost, and dean of student affairs for the retreat. Other notable articles in the paper…

"Senate Acts on Student Requests"

This article, on the front page of The Technician, described the faculty senate's decision that they should encourage political activism. The decision changed class policy rules and allowed students to treat missing class for a political event…

"Student Retreat Proposal Passes Faculty Meeting 265 to 233"

North Carolina State University school newspaper, the Technician, detailing the Peace Retreat and content written by Cathy Sterling.

"The Challenge of World Affairs to American Higher Education"

The challenge of world affairs to American higher education.pdf
Speech given by NC State Chancellor John Caldwell at the Southeastern Regional Conference on the Professional School and World Affairs in February 1968. The speech detailed the role of higher education in society, how it had changed and how he…

"The Chancellor earns an ovation and flowers, too"

The Chancellor earns an ovation and flowers, too.pdf
This editorial in The Gazette lauded Caldwell for his statements in his 1969 convocation.