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  • Collection: Activists and Authorities: the May 1970 Protests at North Carolina State University

Radical Student Leftists: Dreamers or Workers?

ThisTechnicianarticle comments on the disillusionment of student leftists and radicals in connection with Choice '68, a National Collegiate Presidential Primary financed byTimeMagazine.


Consolidated Student Council Votes for N.C.S. University

In this Technician article, the student souncil expresses their displease with the proposed name change to the school from "State College" to "University of North Carolina at Raleigh" in 1964.


John T. Caldwell portrait

Administering the oath of office to Dr. Caldwell (left) is Chief Justice J. Wallace Winborne, North Carolina Supreme Court. Dr. William C. Friday (center), president of NC State University, looks on.

Spiro Agnew visits NC State

Spiro Agnew.jpg
When Vice President Spiro Agnew visited NC State in October 1970 he was met with a divided campus. Many in the University supported the Vice Presidency while the protesters were surprisingly quiet. They did not want to give authorities the excuse to…

Peace Retreat in Action

Throughout May 1970 the Peace Retreat was held in a dozen places at a score of times. Faculty met with students to explain their importance in creating a peaceful society. The question of generations was clearly important to the Peace Retreat.…

American Flag/Peace Sign

Peace Retreat convocation.jpg
During the Convocation the photographer got a great shot: a peace sign floating next to the American flag at the University.

Anti-Kent State Protester

Peace Retreat sign.jpg
One of the most attention grabbing signs at the Convocation a protester meant it against the National Guard and Nixon, "Tax Us Draft Us Ignore Us But Don't Murder Us"

Student Argues Against Nixon's Actions

Peace Retreat sign 2.jpg
A student at the Convocation holding a sign "Nixon said he would end the war and bring the country together...Look what he did!" and protesting the invasion of Cambodia.

March on Raleigh

Peace Retreat 3.jpg
A photo showing some of the thousands of students marching on Raleigh in May, 1970.

Nixon explains Invasion of Cambodia

Richard Nixon in a press report explaining the necessity of invading Cambodia, April 31, 1970.

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