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  • Collection: Agricultural Empowerment in Academics, Research, and Extension

Workers in the field gathering tobacco leaves

This is a black and white photograph of African-American farm laborers harvesting tobacco leaves. The laborers are men, women, and a child. Note also their reliance on draft power in the background of the photograph.

Women Holding Harvested Tobacco Leaves

This is an image of two young women helping to prepare harvested tobacco for curing. Two female children are also in the picture.

What is a Primary Source? A How-To Guide for High School Students

Traditional Lesson Plan – Primary Sources.pdf
This lesson plan teaches high school students how to identify, analyze, and interpret primary sources such as textual documents, media, and oral histories. Teachers can use the lesson plan with primary sources of their choosing.

Walking primers and trucking with mule-drawn sled

This is a black and white photograph of a farmers controlling a mule drawn sled. They are using draft power to harvest tobacco leaves.

Tobacco transplanter

A black and white photograph of African-American farmers using a tractor and modern machinery to mechanize the tobacco transplanting process.

The N.E.T.W.O.R.K.: The Network for Empowerment Through Women Organized to Redefine Knowledge. Sponsored by: The Women's Center at North Carolina State University

UA16.31halfbox1 1995 pamphlet folder 2.pdf
The N.E.T.W.O.R.K's mission reflected NCSU's changing attitudes of female students in the 1990s. The Women's Center provided a network of "role models for the women students at North Carolina State University through a mentoring progam." The…

Students working in a lab

This photograph depicts white male students in an agricultural lab circa 1930-1939. This photograph implies only white males were accepted into the School of Agriculture during this decade.

Students observing woman conduct agricultural research

The woman in this photo is either a student, faculty member, or demonstrator. She is being observed by all white men.

Students in Horticulture Lab

This photograph depicts two students, female and male, in the horticultural lab. Female agriculture students were more common in the 1970s photographs.

Spraying Peaches with Spray Guns at Mt. Airy Orchard

peach spray with mules.jpg
In this photograph, men are spraying peach trees with some type of pesticide from a tank located in the back of a wagon being pulled by a mule.