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Aurora and the Fairy

Aurora and the Fairy.jpg
This illustration accompanies the fairy tale, "Sleeping Beauty," in Armand Eisen's A Treasury of Children's Literature. It depicts a fairy bestowing the gift of beauty on Aurora at her christening ceremony.

Photograph Album of Emily Ada Smith

This is a photograph album created ca. 1925 by Emily Ada Smith. Smith was approximately fourteen years old at the time. This item contains 25 photographs, all from the early 1920s. There are no captions or labels.

Photograph of Houston

This is a panoramic photograph of city skyline of Houston, Texas, in 1911. When compared to other photographs of Houston from earlier and later dates, this shows the change that the downtown center of the city went through over time.

Piece of the Berlin Wall

photo 1.JPG
This is a piece of the Berlin Wall taken from the West German side in 1989. It serves as an important reminder of the political and physical power that separated families and kept people under an authoritarian government.The Berlin Wall remains one…

Harold's Club


Harold’s Club Wants Lady clerks between the ages of 21 and 35 capable of learning to deal games at Harold’s Club under expert teachers. Many of our present lady dealers who started this way are now earning $60 a Week Experience unnecessary but…

Journal of an Expedition against Charleston


September 29th. Sumter seems determined to carve itself a name in future history. Our heavy batterys have been battering away at her again for the last two days trying to utterly destroy and make the fort intolerable. Sumter reminds me of my boyhoods…

A Festive Dance

John White served as the governor of an English colony in Roanoke Island. While living in Roanoke, White created numerous watercolors of native cultures and the natural environment. White created this untitled watercolor between 1585 and 1593. The…

Photograph of Stained Glass Window

The stained glass window in the picture is one of eight in the sanctuary of Brown's Chapel Methodist Church, in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Photograph of Landrum-Stork Pottery Jar

The photograph illustrates the conservation of a Landrum-Stork Pottery Jar. Landrum-Stork company made ceramic jars and jugs during the last half of the nineteenth century in Columbia, South Carolina. Several of these ceramic pieces have been…

Michigan Bell Telephone Directory for Hillsdale-Jonesville

Scan of Hillsdale Phonebook.JPG
This phone directory was issued to residents of Hillsdale and Jonesville, two cities in Hillsdale County, Michigan. The photograph on the front is not of a county site, but rather comes from the governor of Michigan Territory's expedition to the…