Under Review: The Anderson-Sermon Controversy and Football's Role on the College Campus

1930s NC State Football Game

This project explores a 1936-1937 controversy over the football program at NC State College. A losing football season, allegations of financial improprieties, and faculty, student, and alumni discontent with the football program led NC State’s Faculty Council to begin an investigation into the practices of football coach Heartley Anderson and Athletic Director Ray Sermon. Their initial aim was to determine if Anderson’s contract should be renewed or if Sermon should be fired. However, the controversy inspired a larger debate among faculty, administrators, students, and alumni about the role of football at NC State.

Football Exhibits

This project includes three exhibits that each address a different debate surrounding the NC State football team in 1936. Each exhibit includes primary source documents, interpretative historical essays, and questions for visitors to reflect on.

Football Today

The project also includes a section on football controversies today. In this section, you can read articles about some present-day college football controversies and contribute your own thoughts about the role of sports on college campuses.