Agricultural Empowerment in Academics, Research, and Extension | Primary Source Lesson Plan

The goal of this lesson plan is to teach high school students about the changing North Carolina agriculture industry in the 20th century, through the analysis of primary sources from the North Carolina State University Special Collections Archives. Some sources come from other archival repositories about agriculture. 

The various primary sources included in the lesson plan correlate with the North Carolina Essential Standards, Social Studies - “American History II: The Founding Principles” because the sources complement the historic period and specific objectives: industrialization, urbanization, and the evolution of various perceptions of the “American Dream.”[1]

This lesson plan is part of a larger exhibit project titled "Agricultural Empowerment in Academics, Research, and Extension." For more on this project visit the home page.

If you are interested in exploring the exhibit's primary source collection click on the following links:

Green 'N' Growing

Agricultural Collection



[1] “North Carolina Essential Standards, Social Studies – American History Course II,” Public Schools of North Carolina, last modified October 6, 2011, accessed


Rebecca Lowe, Steffi King, Sarah Matter